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Back problem #38

by Roger Ash

Back problem is a magazine I truly enjoy. My prime years for reading comics – the years that shaped my viewpoint of what makes a great comic – were the late 70s as well as early 80s. Back problem covers comics of the 70 as well as 80s, so every problem is like reviewing old buddies as well as satisfying some new ones that I’d like to understand better. as well as I would state these things about Back problem even if I didn’t sometimes compose articles for it.

Yes, I have written for Back problem in the past as well as I have a piece in the new issue, #38. The style for this problem is “Family” as well as features articles including one on John Byrne’s run on great Four, a personal preferred of mine. For my part, editor Michael Eury assigned me a Pro2Pro interview with Louise “Weezie” Simonson, June Brigman, as well as Jon Bogdanove about their work on Power Pack, which was produced by Simonson as well as Brigman.

Power pack Classic

For those who may not understand Power Pack, they are four young siblings – Alex, Julie, Jack, as well as Katie – who are provided powers by an alien whose ship accidents near their home. Eventually, Franklin Richards – the son of the great Four’s Reed & take legal action against Richards – joined the youngsters as well. Their adventures took them to far away planets, however they likewise fought menaces throughout the marvel world at the side of a few of Marvel’s biggest stars. It was a comic I enjoyed reading, as well as so did many others as it has a number of loyal fans. marvel just recently published a collection of the early problems that I extremely recommend. having the chance to talk about the book with Weezie, June, as well as Jon was fantastic fun. What truly struck me was exactly how fond they all are of Power Pack. This was obviously a special book for them.

But that’s all I’m going to state about the article. If you want to understand what they said, you’ll just have to get Back problem #38 as well as discover out for yourself. What I do want to talk about for a moment is the interview process. I have done a number of interviews in the past – you’ve ideally checked out a few of them right here at the Westfield blog – as well as I’ve checked out a number of interviews as well. If you’re ever going to do an interview, there’s one huge piece of advice I’d like to pass on: Do your homework.

When I checked out an interview, hear one on the radio, or see one on TV, I can always tell who took the time to do the research study before conducting the interview. They come across as much more knowledgeable about the person they’re interviewing as well as ask concerns that go deeper than the surface. In the situation of the Power pack interviews, that meant going back as well as re-reading all the problems Weezie, June, as well as Jon worked on as well as I checked out a couple interviews with June as well as Weezie that were published around the time Power pack debuted. Doing the prep work is important to doing a great interview. There are other things that I believe are important for a great interview, however I’ll save that for one more column. Ain’t I a tease?

Now, go checked out a comic!


Back problem #38

Power pack traditional Vol. 1

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