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Miss Fury #1 (Alex Ross Cover)

Rob Williams has written Venom, Uncanny X-Force, Robocop, star Wars: Rebellion, judge Dredd. Now, he takes on traditional pulp hero miss Fury for Dynamite. Westfield’s Roger Ash contacted Williams to discover much more about this new series.

Westfield: For those who are unfamiliar with miss Fury, who is she?

Rob Williams: She’s one of the original very heroines, originally from a comic strip from the 1940s, written as well as drawn by June Tarpe Mills, who was one of the few women to be making comics back then. miss Fury is Marla Drake, a rich society heiress who dons a costume as well as mask as well as fights crime. She’s a forerunner of Marvel’s Hellcat as well as from the exact same age as Catwoman. as well as that’s all type of who she is at the opening of our story, although things take a time travel twist as well as all of a sudden Marla is in 2013.

Miss Fury #1 (J. Scott Campbell Cover)

Westfield: What appeals to you about the character?

Williams: The freedom, predominantly. There’s not a big amount of public understanding for this characters, as well as Dynamite were extremely awesome as well as available to letting me do my own handle the story. For those who DO understand her history as well as have checked out other miss Fury comics, this is a different take, a somewhat different Marla Drake. When we open she’s type of immoral as well as lost, a thief. upset at the world for reasons that will ended up being obvious as the story progresses. Along the road she’s got to ask herself what she’s prepared to fight as well as go to war for .I like the arc that Marla undergoes – her journey.

Miss Fury #1 (Will Conrad Cover)

Westfield: What can you tell us about the story?

Williams: In 1942 the second world war is raging, even though it feels extremely far away to a Manhattan society girl. however when miss Fury encounters Nazi agents building a time device she’s pulled into the dispute as well as thrown into the future. There she learns that, in 2013 America, numerous public figures are really covert Nazi agents as well as world war 2 is continuing in our time, in the past, as well as even in the future. miss Fury is forced to select sides in this dispute as well as discover something that she cares sufficient about to fight for. however as she keeps flipping backwards as well as forwards in time, she’s left wondering if she’s really crazy as well as if all this is truly happening.

Miss Fury #1 (Paul Renaud Cover)

Westfield: What characters will visitors encounter aside from miss Fury?

Williams: None you’d recognize. This is a whole new storyline as well as history for the character. If you’ve never checked out a miss Fury comic you’ll be fine choosing up #1. We bring you as much as speed on her (new) character history as well as origin as well as then we’re into the action. This is a Hollywood action film on the pages.

Westfield: Jack Herbert is doing the art for the book. What can you state about your collaboration?

Williams: Jack’s been wonderful. Dynamite suggested him as well as I’ve been blown away by his work. This is a truly difficult script – there’s great deals of 1940s recommendation together with crazy visuals like jet fighters as well as huge Nazi flying V bombers. as well as the subtle character work’s just as essential as the huge bangs. Jack’s truly sold it throughout. I believe he’s going to be a star.

Miss Fury #1 (Alex Ross membership Variant)

Westfield: any type of closing comments?

Williams: Huge, high-speed action set-pieces, political satire as well as a lady trying to save her own soul. What much more might you want from a comic?


Miss Fury #1

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