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Wayne Markley

by Wayne Markley

Over the last few months marvel has launched their marvel NOW! initiative. What this is, is a re-launching of a lot of their tiles with new primary issues with the concept that new issues, or number ones, it would be a lot more inviting to new readers to start reading a title without 700 issues (or as few as 12) preceding it. The success seems to be obvious based on early sales figures as well as exactly how swiftly marvel has announced reprints of a number of these very first issues. Bear in mind, DC had a number of sell outs with the early issues of the new 52 as well as over time we have seen a number of the new 52 titles cancelled as well as the sales generally divide between a few best sellers as well as the rest (40+) titles sliding back to where DC was before the new 52 or worse. one more huge difference between the marvel NOW! titles as well as DC’s new 52 is marvel is not discarding all their prior history. While marvel titles are starting over with number ones, they still have the entire back story that marvel has created over the years. I am going to review a number of these new titles here, however by no indicates all of them. since there are so many, I am going to keep the reviews short.

Indestructible Hulk

My preferred of the new marvel NOW! titles is Indestructible Hulk. When I very first read about this title as well as the fundamental premise of Hulk, agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., I thought it was silly as well as I was going to be disappointed in the Hulk once again. I was really looking ahead to Jason Aarons’ Hulk as well as by the time it wrapped up in little over a year, I was really disappointed in it. however the very first two issues of this new take on the Hulk by mark Waid blew me away. like Waid’s Daredevil, it is a very well thought out book with excellent characterization, as well as very sharp storytelling with dialogue that is crisp as well as very well written. I cannot recommend this book high enough. You must read this if only to read the banter between Tony Stark as well as Bruce Banner.

Fantastic four & FF

Matt fraction has taken over both the fantastic four as well as the FF (Future Foundation). With the fantastic Four, I am on the fence since the very first two issues are nearly all set up as well as not a lot has happened. generally the original four members of the fantastic four are taking off to check out time/space for a short time for a reason only Reed as well as the readers know. While in the FF, Reed, Sue, Johnny, as well as Ben all recruit members to fill in for them while they are away. While the fantastic four reads as a straight superhero/adventure book in the style of the fantastic four in the past, FF seems to be a lot more light hearted as well as fun. Plus, FF has the always entertaining art of Mike Allred. These two books may grow into fantastic titles, however they are not there yet.

Iron Man

Iron man has been re-launched as well as is written by Kieron Gillen with art by Greg Land. I am not a significant fan of Kieron Gillen, as I did not take pleasure in his journey into mystery with Loki. To be fair, I am in the minority on this one. So far, his Iron man has been pretty good. I thought it would be very difficult to comply with up Matt Fraction’s Iron Man, which I thought was excellent. So far, the very first three issues have been very strong as well as each issue has told a very different story (within an over arcing story) as well as they are building towards issue six where Iron man goes off to space as well as ties into the new Guardians of the Galaxy title. I have really took pleasure in what Kieron as well as Greg have done so far as well as I am looking ahead to see where they are going in the future.

Thor: God of Thunder

As a general policy of thumb, I really like Jason Aaron’s writing. I think his Scalped was fantastic as well as his Punisher was top notch. however as I pointed out earlier, I did not care for his extraordinary Hulk so I was a bit leery of his new Thor: God of Thunder. After the very first few issues I need to say I’m interested sufficient to continue. It has not overwhelmed me like Waid’s Hulk where I cannot wait to read the next issue, however it is definitely interesting as well as very cosmic. It maintains the “godliness” of Stan Lee’s storytelling; that is, the cosmic vastness of the universe as well as the use of “gods,” as well as has an appealing story so far. The very first story arc takes place in the present, the future, as well as the past with a young Thor, an old Thor, the present Thor as well as a god serial killer. I did not care for Matt Fraction’s take on Thor at all, so this is a welcome modification that I will continue with for a while.


Speaking of Matt Fraction, he is currently writing Hawkeye, which was not originally partof the marvel NOW! campaign, however it seems to fit in well with it. along with Daredevil by mark Waid, this is one of my preferred books to read each month. He has created a completely fleshed out character (using all of his backstory) to produce a very fun book that is the best thing I have read by Matt Fraction. along with David Aja’s art, this book is entertaining as well as fun, which is something I cannot say about a lot of comics. If you have not tried it, please pick up a copy or two as well as provide it a shot.


I always have mixed feelings about Jonathan Hickman’s writing. I always take pleasure in it, as he is a very great writer, however there are times I do not understand it. As they say, he can be too creative by half. With his Avengers, it is too early to tell if this is going to be dazzling or a mess. From the little I have read so far, which is generally all set up, I really have took pleasure in it. however with nearly all of Hickman’s writing, it takes a relatively long time to get the full grasp of the story he is trying to tell as well as it is not fair to judge it until we know where the story is going. So far though, I would recommend it.

Uncanny Avengers

Uncanny Avengers is one of those books I really want to like, such as Justice League, however I just do not take pleasure in it. Both have very pretty art, in the Avenger’s situation by John Cassiday, as well as both are late in shipping. Admittedly, Uncanny Avengers is worse as issue #2 was late, for gosh sakes. I really have an issue with books being late, so I am wit holding my recommendation for this book since of that. I suspect this book will be a excellent read in a trade format. The villain as well as the story are both intriguing, as well as I want to read the next issue, however I have to wait, as well as wait……

All-New X-Men

All-New X-Men by Brian Michael Bendis as well as Stuart Immonen has been the greatest surprise for me of the marvel NOW! launches. This book has been a page turner with sensational art. The premise is the X-Men from the 1960s come to the present as well as all sorts of havoc erupts. along with the Hulk, this is quickly my preferred marvel NOW! title. The art is lovely as well as story is some of Bendis’ best. Yes, there are a lot of talking heads, it is Bendis after all, however it is filled with twists as well as turns that regularly surprise me. This book has swiftly risen to the top of my need to read pile.

Cable as well as X-Force

Cable as well as X-Force starts out with a bang. Over the years, cord has had a large as well as rocky career. While it is difficult to judge a book from only two issues, I need to say I have been sucked into this book with what I have read so far. I have took pleasure in cord series in the past only to ended up being disenchanted as the titles run along, so I am not ready to recommend this title yet. however I do think it is worth keeping an eye on. If it is still this great in the later issues (say, issue #10 as well as on) this book will get my recommendation. ideal now, if you have some additional cash, provide it a try.

X-Men Legacy

X-Men legacy is one of a number of new X titles being launched and, to be honest, I tried to read this as well as couldn’t get through it. It is rare that I do not surface a book I start, however this title is just not for me. If any type of readers of this column have read this book as well as think I am wrong, please let me know as well as I will re-visit it at a later date.

Overall, I would say marvel is off to a excellent start with their marvel NOW! re-launch. There are two of their titles that have swiftly risen to the top of my preferred books, Indestructible Hulk as well as all-new X-Men; there are a number of books I would recommend based on the strength of the stories alone, as well as there is only one title so far that I might not recommend at all. It’s a much much better percentage than the other people have done. (I will provide DC a hint on exactly how to improve: it’s the story!)

Amazing Spider-Man #700

In closing I would like to recommend remarkable Spider-Man #700. I know there is all sorts of hype as well as speculation about this issue. I thought the direction the title was going was wrong as well as I knew the end result in advance, as well as I thought it was silly. However, after having read the actual story I will admit I was wrong. The story is exceptional as well as works wit in the broad introduction of what marvel is trying to do. I have no question (well, I know) at some point things will be put back to normal (ie: Peter is Spidey), I just hope that the return story is much better than the returns of Bruce Wayne or Captain America, both of which I did not care for. As always, whatever written right here is my opinions as well as do not reflect the thoughts of Westfield Comics or their employees. I welcome your thoughts, comments or critiques at MFBWAY@AOL.COM. I wish all of you a excellent 2013.

Thank you.

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