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Wayne Markley

by Wayne Markley

I am going to look at a number of books this time around that are both new to me as well as just recently published, however are not necessarily new material. nearly all of these books are from Dark equine Comics except for the superhero tour-de-force Captain America: White from Marvel. The subject matter is a mix of manga, criminal offense as well as video game influenced comics. all of these books are exceptional for different reasons. I believe that there is a bit something for everybody this time around out so let’s get to it.

Captain America: White

Captain America: White #0 very first came out in 2008, seven years ago, as well as problem one lastly came out last week. It is debatable if this comic was worth the wait as I would suggest nothing is worth a seven year wait (at least in comic books) however that aside, this problem is excellent. It is a gigantic sized problem with two stories (the second story reprinting the 0 issue) as well as sketches as well as articles in the back of the book. Jeph Loeb as well as Tim Sale return to their series of books checking out the origin of characters by both retelling the origins as well as broadening on those traditional stories. They have done this is the past with Daredevil: Yellow, Hulk: Gray, as well as Spider-Man: Blue. just like all of the Loeb/Sale joint jobs (they have likewise done a number of Batman collaborations, such as The long Halloween), this book is excellent. The dialogue it tight as well as to the point as well as each character has a unique personality. The art on the newer story shows the passage of time as Sale’s art has matured considering that the 0 issue, however it is still excellent. part of the reason I liked this book so much is it is undoubtedly made with like as well as respect of the source material. It is so much fun to see the Avengers rediscover Cap as well as to see the original Nick Fury as well as Dum Dum Duggan. The art seems a bit darker to me than Sale’s earlier work, this may be a coloring issue, however that in no method takes away from the lovely design as well as style as well as enthusiasm on every page. My concern is it took seven years between problem zero as well as primary as well as the last thing I want to see is this book autumn behind as well as ended up being delayed. ideally over the last seven years Loeb as well as Sale have completed the series as this book was a happiness to read.

Lady Killer

Dark equine just collected the hit miniseries woman killer (this series had a great deal of Web buzz which does not always indicate sales). This exceptional miniseries is by artist Joelle Jones as well as writer Jamie Rich. This book collects the four problem miniseries together with sketches as well as background info. The fundamental story is about a female hit lady in the 1960s who is a housewife as well as mom by day as well as a killer at night. While the premise reminds me of Jennifer Blood this book was as far away from that series as possible. The storytelling style is extremely different as well as the plot, the company that the killer works for turns against her, is much a lot more layered as well as subtle than Jennifer Blood was. I truly liked the contrast between the chilly blooded killer as well as the relaxing Leave to Beaver type house life she portrays. This was a extremely well believed out story that is available to sequels, which I am looking ahead to. It is different than a lot of other comics currently available which I discover to be a plus as well as It assists it stand out. The art is extremely stylized, as well as while not the normal style I like it truly works for this story. This bit collection is well worth seeking out.

Mirror’s Edge: Exordium

Mirror’s Edge: Exordium is based on the video game of the exact same name by Christofer Emgard as well as Mattias Haggstrom. I am not familiar with the video game however I believed the comic was exceptional. It is the opening part of a story including people who run across the city providing messages (this is a incredibly simplified summery). This very first problem is all set-up however the art is lovely as well as the cityscapes are breathtaking. The chase scenes throughout the city are so sensible they nearly jump off the page. one of the things that truly stood out to me was the coloring on this book. It is just lovely as well as stark as well as sticks out adding a new dimension to the art. It was so great to see blue skies in a comic outside of an Archie. For a very first problem based on a game I understand nothing about this comic does an exceptional task of drawing you in as well as making you want more.

The late Satoshi Kon was an anime motion picture director popular for best Blue as well as Millennium Actress, howeverhe was likewise a manga artist prior to moving onto anime. Dark equine has released two of his graphic novels just recently in English for the very first time. I did not notice these books when they very first came out however thanks to my good friend JP (thank you for recommending these books), I found a true treasure. What I discover a lot of fascinating is Kon never completed either of these graphic novels (or serials as they were performed in Japan.) To their credit, Dark equine has included the breakdowns as well as sketches as well as rough dialogue for the final chapter of Opus so you do get an concept on exactly how the end was intended. Unlike Seraphim 266613336 Wings which ends with a cliffhanger as well as is never finished. It is left as much as the reader’s imagination. I am going to look at both of these manga’s individually.

Seraphim 266613336 Wings

Seraphim 266613336 Wings is a extremely fascinating manga. It is written by Ghost in the Shell’s director Mamoru Oshii as well as drawn by Satoshi Kon. For the very first time this manga has been collected together in one volume in English by Dark equine Comics. two things that stick out in this book, the story, which is extremely complex as well as full of notes on the bottom of the pages of the book describing different historical facts referred to in the primary story. The art is beautifully in-depth as well as clean as well as reminds me a great deal of a manga influenced Geoff Darrow. one of the a lot more special things about this book is it does not end. The story pertains to a final thought as well as it reads as if it is to be continued in the next chapter except the next chapter never comes. So your assumption is as great as mine as to what the final final thought was going to be. This strange truth does not take away from the pleasure reading this book. It is a interesting story that is both an apocalyptic horror story as well as a science fiction tale also a bit of a morality play. The fundamental gist is a virus in the future is wiping out humanity as it turns humans into ange’-like creatures, total with wings (and look amazingly like the weeping angels from Dr. Who) however in the process kills the person. A young woman names Sera may hold the remedy however that is only the beginning of the story. entirely it is a extremely great checked out as well as the art, as I mentioned, lifts it up dramatically. This is an fascinating manga if only from a historical perspective. As part of the history there is a thirty page afterword going over the history of the manga as well as what the story indicated by Carl Gustav Horn. There are likewise sketches as well as substantial notes as well as all of the color sections are included in their original full beauty. To top everything off, it is printed on lovely white paper making for an general extremely great bundle that is worth looking into.


Opus is a extremely long manga telling the story of Chikara Nagai who is a manga designer under a deadline to surface his opus when he runs into a issue with the ending where he kills off a cherished character. From there the story becomes both strange as well as extremely innovative as Chikara becomes part of his own story as well as the characters from the manga ended up being genuine trying to stop Chikara from killing them. The story takes a surreal turn than I can finest compare to a Charlie Kaufman film (Adaptation, Being John Malkovich). at times I did get a bit confused as to where the story was as it bounces between a number of different realities that type a labyrinth that nearly leaves your head spinning. I am delighted that Dark equine included the unfinished end as it is not what I would have believed where the story was going. The art is different from Seraphim 266613336 Wings in that it seems less polished, however I suspect that is deliberate because of the nature of the story. This is an exceptional checked out as well as a truly special trip.

That is all for this time. all of these books are extremely just recently released however are not always new material. While all of these books are extremely different, from standard superheroes to manga to criminal offense to video game, all are excellent. I would gladly suggest any type of of these books to any individual as well as everyone. whatever I have written right here is my viewpoint as well as in no method shows the thoughts or opinions of Westfield Comics or their employee’s. I motivate as well as welcome comments, tips (as with Satoshi Kon), or criticisms at MFBWAY@AOL.COM. As always…

Thank you.

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