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Wonderful Wizard of Oz

by Wayne Markley

Since December is the time of the season for gift giving, I believed this time around around I would suggest a few books that would make fantastic gifts for any type of fan of comics books, strips, or reading. These are in no specific order, however I would extremely suggest any type of of them to any type of comic book fan.

First off, we have the fantastic Wizard of Oz. This hardcover was a surprise to me, not since it is Oz as well as it is written by Oz fanatic as well as a spectacular artist in his own right, Eric Shanower (see Age of Bronze), however it is attracted a quirky, yet ideal style for the material by Skottie Young. This adaptation complies with the books by L. Frank Baum much better than it does the films of the Oz material, as well as it works to make an engaging as well as fantastic checked out for people of all ages, from youngsters to adults. one more thing that makes me suggest this hardcover is it is large making it a ideal book for nighttime reading to the younger ones, as well as likewise shows off the art to such a degree that the original comics look like rubbish in comparison. as well as to top it off, the story is put together as one full length novel, not as eight single comics as it was originally published. It is so perfectly edited that it is close to impossible to tell where the original breaks in the comics took place. however not to worry, this collection still has all the covers as well as extras in the back of the book.

Blazing Combat

Earlier this year, Fantagraphics put out a spectacular collection of the total Blazing Combat. Blazing battle was a short lived magazine published by Warren publishing back in the 1960s. It only lasted four issues, why is explained in the book, however in those four problems are a few of the very best war stories ever told. All are written by the late Archie Goodwin, as well as they are drawn by a who’s who of artists. a few of the contributors include Wally Wood, Alex Toth, gene Colan, John Severin, as well as numerous more. This is not a book about war, however about life. as well as it is packed with a combination or art as well as stories that will knock you over. as well as the bundle itself is top notch. This is a hardcover that is worthy of to be on everyone’s book shelf. (Editor’s note: Fantagraphics is likewise providing a softcover version of this book which is offered for preorder on the Westfield site.)


Next we have a recent hardcover release from marvel of Ed Brubaker’s difficult boiled criminal offense traditional Criminal. This is a big over sized hardcover of the very first three Criminal series by Ed Brubaker as well as Sean Phillips. This is a dark as well as fierce trip de force of criminal offense in the inner city, where practically nobody is who they seem to be as well as the violence is intense as well as brutal. Brubaker’s composing is best up there with Chandler, Hammet, Spillane, as well as Parker, as well as the art is a ideal in shape for the dark mood of the book. This book is in no method for younger readers, as there is graphic violence as well as sexuality, however if you are a comic book fan or delight in a great criminal offense novel, then this is the book for you.

Walt Disney’s Christmas Classics

And finally, we have the recent book from Boom! Studios called, Walt Disney’s Christmas Classics. This is a fairly little hardcover (about 120 pages) collecting a few of the very best Christmas stories featuring the Disney characters over the years. It includes stores with Donald Duck, Uncle Scrooge, Mickey Mouse, as well as others as well as includes stories by Carl Barks, Jack Hannah, Walt Kelly, Floyd Gottfredson, as well as others. It is the very best of the very best of the Disney Comic creators. however unlike the other books, I do have two complaints about this collection. The very first is the price. At $24.95 is extremely expensive to make a stocking stuffer, as well as while I understand this is aimed at the hardcore Disney collector, it would have been good if they had been able to publish this at a lower cost so it would in an budget-friendly gift for kids, as it is ideal for youngsters (of all ages). My second grievance is that on the back cover as well as in the ad copy for the book, it promotes Walt Kelly as one of the featured artists. Yet according to the index of stories there are no stories by Walt Kelly included. The Walt Kelly story is included in the collection, however it is not noted on the index. It jumps best over this story as well as the credit ratings for Mr. Kelly. This is an error that ought to never occur in an anthology collection like this, particularly when you are utilizing that creators name to assist offer the book. criticism aside, it is still a gorgeous bookas well as a fantastic read.

That’s it for this time. I hope you take the time to try a few of these recommendations. Please feel totally free to let me understand what you believe about any type of of these books if you do checked out them. as well as likewise please feel totally free to suggest something you delighted in I may have overlooked. I am always available to trying a new book or comic. You can always get in touch with me at MFBWAY@AOL.COM.

Happy Holidays,
Wayne Markley


Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Blazing battle HC

Blazing battle SC

Criminal HC

Walt Disney’s Christmas Classics

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