BEAUOLOGY 101: super FRIENDS: respect as well as friendship

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Beau Smith

by beloved Smith

As a young comic book visitor I utilized to daydream about what my preferred superheroes would be like in “real life”. By that I mean what went on in their heads when they weren’t smacking The Red Skull or The Black Mantis around.

I wished to understand exactly how my four-color heroes got along outside of work. Did Hawkeye as well as Iron guy gather up a few of the other Avengers as well as catch a sphere game? Did question lady as well as The Black Canary grab lunch as well as then go buying at Macy’s? were there times when The Beast as well as Cyclops just hung out at the Mansion as well as watched TV?

I comprehend where visitors today may discover that a bit tiring compared to page after page of a thousand eco-friendly Lanterns floating around in area with their mouths wide open screaming “Look out!”, however as a visitor as well as a writer, I’ve always wished to truly understand the characters that I checked out as well as write. I did my finest as a writer on guy Gardner to not only throw him into wild as well as interesting confrontations, however I likewise made it a point to provide equal time to his personal life as well as that of his supporting cast as well as villains.

One of my dream comics to checked out as well as to compose has always been to have a contemporary day story where Nick Fury, Captain America (Steve Rogers), Bucky, as well as Namor – The Sub-Mariner have some knucklehead menace to fight, however at the exact same time really talk about their history together from world war II with today. Not just a rest house revisit, however a possibility to show the type of bond that comes from fighting a war together in addition to whatever else that the world can toss at you.

Captain America

Yeah, we’ve seen short snippets of this with the decades, however nothing truly special that seriously told us anything. The closest as well as finest “reunion” to my understanding was a couple of years back in the routine Captain America book where writer, Ed Brubaker, had Namor as well as Bucky interacting in an adventure. It seriously left me wanting MORE! Ed truly has a handle on the characters as well as I understand that if provided the chance, he might have a field day with this storyline.

Ed has truly made Captain America the very best written comic book available for the last few years as well as I mean on a month to month basis. It never stops working me. The story as well as the art are always A-List. I just want more. I’m not getting any type of younger. I want to see this story of Fury, Namor, Steve Rogers as well as Bucky happen. The action as well as poor guy aren’t difficult to throw in there, however what’s needed is hearing old friends, respected friends, share their history of past battles during a new battle.

These are guy that have seen the passing of time as well as likewise the road to the future. Their thoughts as well as actions requirement to be showed all readers. It should be about loyalty, heroism, friendship, as well as most of all, respect. As readers, we sorely requirement this from our comic book heroes. As creators, we requirement to provide this not only to the readers, however ourselves as well.

Consider this my open request letter to Joe Quesada, Ed Brubaker as well as marvel Comics. I truly enjoy what you’re doing, I respect what you’re doing, I just want more of it. I truly believe that I’m not the only reader/creator available who would like to checked out such an experience as well as see it happen. I will not only speak with my words, however my wallet as well. You do it, I’ll buy it as well as ask others to buy it as well.

Like I said, I’m not getting any type of younger. If I have to compose this story for my own enjoyment as well as satisfaction, I will. I’d like to do so, however facts are facts. I’m not in power at Marvel. I’m not on contract, however I am a visitor that pays for his comics. As that visitor I would like to see this story happen.

As readers, please believe about exactly how fun this story would be. After 70 some years, you’d get to see true interaction between heroes that have been in the trenches together as young guy as well as now deal with evil with more experienced eyes.

They are heroes, however most importantly, they’re friends.

YOUR friend,

Beau Smith

The flying Fist Ranch

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