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The Wicked + The Divine #1

Kieron Gillen is the prominent writer of such books as Iron Man, Phonogram, as well as journey into Mystery. His new series with long-time collaborator Jamie McKelvie, The Wicked + The Divine, debuts in June from Image. Westfield’s Roger Ash just recently contacted Gillen to discover a lot more about the book.

Westfield: What was the genesis of The Wicked + The Divine?

Kieron Gillen: We were planning to do Phonogram: The Immaterial woman after young Avengers. One night, I realized it wasn’t what we must do.

I started composing the very first Phonogram in 2004. I had the concept a bit before. The Immaterial woman is set in 2009. It was written in 2010-2011. The concept of coming off the back of a book that was so much about the possibilities of the new as young Avengers as well as returning to work keeping that long history just felt like some type of betrayal. If we’re going to comply with our own advice, we’re going to look at the world where we discover ourselves as well as see what we have to state about the moment, as well as what comes next. It was the ideal moment to begin something new rather than surface something old. This is us walking like we talk it. This is us starting with a blank sheet, taking whatever that we’ve discovered across our time in comics as well as life, as well as putting it on the page.

Let’s make a new comic for 2014. Let’s do it.

To be a lot more prosaic, the core idea of the story pertained to me in the depressing week after I was told my Dad’s cancer was terminal. death sits at the heart of the book. It’s a pop tune of a book, however it’s got that deep dark heart to it.

The Wicked + The Divine preview page 1

Westfield: What can visitors look ahead to in the book? Anything you can state about the story?

Gillen: The core story we’re trying to keep quiet, just as this is such a possibility to surprise people with a whole new world. We’ve got all this incredible stuff, as well as people will get to find it when they open the pages.

The central idea of the book is that every ninety years or so twelve gods reincarnate as young people. They’re brilliant, loved, hated, draw crowds of people who go into rapture when they speak. There’s even rumours of them performing secretive miracles.

Within two years, they’re dead.

The story starts with nine of the twelve gods reincarnated as well as the world taking care of these stars in their midst.

Westfield: who are the primary characters in the series as well as can you tell us a bit about them?

Gillen: Our lead is Laura, who’s a south London woman as well as a totally dedicated fan of all the gods (well – a lot of of them.) She doesn’t just like them. She wishes to be them. Her fondest wish is to have whatever they have.

She satisfies Lucifer – or Luci, as she prefers to be known. Luci has a issue that Laura can assist her with. They make a deal.

It’s a truly huge cast, clearly. We’re keeping type of coy on stating much about them in advance. You’ll see different ones of them in our two page advert, which provides you a tease of what they’re like. Basically, there’s lots of extremely different characters for people to autumn in like with.

The Wicked + The Divine preview page 2

Westfield: For those who do ended up being incarnations of the gods, is it seen as a blessing or a curse?

Gillen: It depends completely on the individual. two years of grandeur then death? It takes a specific kind of person to believe that’s a great deal. It takes a specific kind of person to really crave after that. Each of their gods have their own method of seeing it. Some are fatalistic. Some are in denial. Some are conflicted. Some are totally f*cking petrified.

Westfield: Your collaborator on the series is somebody you’ve dealt with before, Jamie McKelvie. What is there about working with him that makes this a partnership that you enjoy?

Gillen: He gets his round in. An artist who doesn’t get his round in is no utilize to a British writer.

Joking aside, he’s the very best thing that’s ever occurred to me as a creator. We’ve worked together so much now that we generally understand each other to a frightening degree. The Wicked + The Divine is generally what occurs when you work with somebody for over a decade. It’s nearly telepathic. We save each others’ asses on a everyday basis.

Westfield: are there any type of other jobs you’re working on that you’d like to mention?

Uber Vol. 1

Gillen: Oh, most likely worth providing a quick mention for Uber, my continuous WW2 serious-mode superhero comic for Avatar Press. very first trade out, as well as we’re as much as problem 13 now. Also, the three trade is out, which is a world away from The Wicked + The Divine, however a heavily researched Spartan-slave-hunt story I’m truly pleased of.

The Wicked + The Divine #2Westfield: any type of closing comments?

Gillen: We truly indicate we want to be whatever that a wise pulp-pop comic can be in 2014. We want to be great. As great as our evaluations as well as action have always been, we want to be better. We want to be your go-to recommendation point of where we were in 2014. We want to be the book people rip off. That’s all. nothing much.

We’ll fail, obviously, however we didn’t get into this comic book service to be crap.

I believe people will such as this a lot. I believe it’s our finest work. I believe it’ll click with people who we’ve never clicked with before. I believe any individual who dug us before will do us now. I’m about as positive as a perpetually insecure as well as neurotic Brit writer can be.


The Wicked + The Divine

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