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Robert Greenberger

by Robert Greenberger

Showcase Presents: Captain Carrot

Incoming executive Editor Dick Giordano was keenly conscious that comic books were selling to an progressively aging readership in the early 1980s as well as there was a concern of losing the earlier readers. They needed books aimed at them as well as he began advancement work on a kid’s line with editor Nicola Cuti, the very best qualified member of his growing editorial staff. Out of all that effort, only own title emerged, Captain Carrot as well as his amazing Zoo Crew, as well as those funny animal antics are lastly being collected in the mammoth showcase Presents: Captain Carrot. The volume collects the preview from new teen Titans #16, Captain Carrot as well as his amazing Zoo team #1-20, as well as The Oz-Wonderland #1-3.

The series was conceived by writer Roy Thomas as well as cartoonist Scott Shaw! as Justa Lotta Animals, a funny animal handle The Justice league of America. As was Roy’s want, the characters would be taken from DC’s rich humor history including Peter Porkchops as well as his new change ego Pig Iron as well as Fastback, nephew of McSnurtle the Turtle. Each problem was littered with references to DC’s publishing history (Dodo & the Frog, The three Mouseketeers, Nero Fox, marvel Bunny, Bo Bunny, as well as Doodles Duck) as well as beyond (one noise impact in the very first story, KREE-GAAH! was Tarzan’s standard “ape” yell) with Thomas as well as Shaw! each contributing bits as well as pieces. To prevent looking as well much like the JLA, they were renamed the Zoo team as well as were provided the eco-friendly light.

To round out the Justice league doppelgangers, the team provided us Rubber Duck, Yankee Poodle, as well as Alleycat-Abra. as well as of course, Roger Rabbit, a.k.a. Captain Carrot. He was a mild-mannered cartoonist for a fantastic metropolitan newspaper so it was inevitable that in the introductory story, he satisfied up with Clark Kent (with Ross Andru pencilling the human). It was a two-parter, starting in the preview as well as then in wintertime 1982, debuting in their own book. By utilizing Clark as well as his Superman persona, it cemented the Zoo team into the DC Multiverse, establishing them on Earth-C. Rabbit was artist of Supersquirrel, who really existed on Earth-C- together with question Wabbit, Batmouse, as well as eco-friendly Lambkin as member of Justa Lotta Animals.

That preliminary story paid homage to its roots by utilizing Starro the Conqueror (like Superman, checking out from Earth-1) as well as aping the traditional shot of the heroes battling while ensnared in tentacles. similar winks as well as nods are sprinkled throughout the series, so much to ensure that a detailed Earth-C timeline exists, stretching from 10,000 BC with Bow-Zar the Barkbarian.

Captain Carrot as well as His amazing Zoo team #12

Whenever risk reared its furry head, Roger would exclaim “Leapin’ Lettuce!”, eat an irradiated carrot (which imbued him with powers as well as capabilities far beyond those of contemporary hares) as well as summon the team. Meantime, during the series’ run, Thomas as well as DC ended up being conscious of Gary K. Wolf’s book who Censored Roger Rabbit? so problem #7 introduced Captain Carrot’s middle name “Rodney”. Chester Cheese becomes bit Cheese, as well as is inducted into the Zoo team in problem #12, much as The Atom didn’t join the JLA up until problem #14.

The Oz-Wonderland war #1

The series was an anomaly at DC as the business was broadening into creator-owned works as well as planning to shake up their core heroic continuity. As a result, Captain Carrot chugged along as an entertaining comic that never rather discovered its audience. The arcane references amused as well few people as well as the lack of advertising support as well as a dwindling newsstand audience indicated it never discovered its target readership. As a result, it ran a simple 20 problems as well as was gone just before the company’s dilemma on limitless Earths. Still, there was affection in corners of fandom so the residential or commercial property was resurrected now as well as then including the double-sized The Oz-Wonderland war which continued to enable the creators to play with fictional realities. (And in 2007, Captain Carrot as well as the final Ark! saw Shaw! partnered with writer expense Morrison for a story not included here. Keith Giffen likewise provided us the new 52’s Captain K’Rot in Threshold: The Hunted #3 however this is simply a nod to the past.)


Showcase Presents: Captain Carrot

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