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Your Host, beloved Smith

by beloved Smith

More Than Likely…

The new Captain America

** When an iconic comic book figure like Batman, Superman, Captain America, or Spider-Man gets revamped from its original source, it’s a gimmick as well as not meant to truly have any type of longevity. nothing more than a hopeful spike for possible news or sales. most of the time it’s in a few media announcements, the people in the office slap each other on the back, however retailers as well as clients just wait up until the original comes back.

** When you checked out or see that a creator has been eliminated from a routine book that you read, you can quite much figure the reason is since of what is understood as “The Raccoon Effect.” That means just that an editor sees something new as well as shiny as well as wishes to bring them in to replace the afore mentioned creator. It utilized to be that the only time you saw a creator leave was when they messed up on deadlines or sales of the book were circling the drain, not so much anymore. now you see more as well as more editors wanting to bring in good friends or creators they want to be good friends with. I’ve had editors tell me out of class that the reason they don’t hire (Fill In Blank) is “Because I’ve dealt with them already.” unfortunate however true, kids.

** When you aren’t extremely respectful to people that you feel are not on the A-List or can assist you with your career, it’ll come back to bite you on the butt. Management, editors, companies, as well as creators modification all the time. Others take their place, as well as when that happens, if you have been not so nice, you are then put out of the loop…these days…it’s much harder to get back in the loop.

** When you checked out that when noted artist (Fill In The Blank) is doing the cover or variant cover, you can figure the publisher/editor’s advertising plan is still living in the 1990s. look at sales. It makes no difference to the reader, only to the retailer who will offer the variant (if low print) for a quick hunk of change. short term believing by the publisher. extremely few believe long term, huge picture, as well as comic books are made up of huge pictures.

** If you were to strip San Diego Comic-Con to just being about comics, you’d be in a space alone. things have changed, all of us move on. It’s not the exact same business/hobby it when was.

Captain Marvel.

** When I state diversity in comics, I don’t mean skin color, gender, sexual preference, right wing, left wing, religious belief, long hair, short hair, or no hair – I mean COMPELLING STORYTELLING as well as LIKABLE CHARACTERS.

** When you see a publisher make a public point to have a guy like me compose a understood tough guy character, a lady write/draw a female lead, a person of color write/draw a character of color, as well as they state it’s to get that much needed perspective, you can put on your waders since they don’t believe that. more than likely they’re just trying to score politically correct points in media, when in truth they’re being unfair to the creator as well as their background as well as not providing any type of believed to if this person can compose or draw a compelling story or character. Their only desire in that department is that “they get by.”

** When I like a comic book, the sales drop. When I like a TV show, it’ll get cancelled. When I like a movie, it goes directly to video (Yes, my VCR still flashes 12:00). When I like a novel, you can soon discover it in the remainder bin at Wal-Mart. moral of this story: beloved only understands Sorrow, so believe twice before you listen to me as well as take my unsolicited advice. J

Your never humble savant of pop culture,

Beau Smith

The flying Fist Ranch

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