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Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. Reacquires Comic book and Comic strip Rights from Disney Subsidiary marvel Entertainment

Dynamite to create new content and publish library

John Carter of Mars

(May 20th, 2014 – Tarzana, CA & Mt. Laurel, NJ) – Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., the company established by the author to secure and maintain his literary creations, and one of the comics industry’s leaders, publisher Dynamite Entertainment, revealed today a detailed agreement that will see the return of Burroughs’ original “John Carter: Warlord of Mars” to the pages of comic books, comic strips and graphic novels.  The agreement enables for the world-wide publication of the John Carter world in addition to “Lord of the Jungle” and ERB’s library of archival material.

The initiative comes on the heels of the reacquisition of comic book rights by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. that had been held by Walt Disney photos and its marvel enjoyment subsidiary, in addition to a recent legal settlement with Dynamite that cleared the method for Dynamite to introduce crucial characters and plot aspects from the John Carter back story that were, up until now, absent from recent comic book interpretations.

John Carter art by Joe Jusko

“It was crucial to us that we reacquire the comic book and comic strip rights from marvel enjoyment so we could reintroduce them in the market place.  We’re ecstatic to see the exploits of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ first science fiction adventure hero given life in their fullness by the passionate creative talents set up by the people at Dynamite,” stated James Sullos, president of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. “They’re true fans – and it shows on every page and in every idea they’ve showed us.  now fans anywhere will be able to appreciate the original adventure stories that later spawned Flash Gordon, Superman, star Wars and Avatar.”

Lord of the Jungle art by Alex Ross

“Working together with Jim and the team at ERB, we will be taking the worlds of John Carter and The Lord of the Jungle publishing efforts to a new level.  There’s a rich history, and an extraordinary amount of archival material in the ERB library, and we’re looking forward to bringing it to the fans around the world.  I cannot wait to announce the creative teams behind each series in the coming months.  This is the beginning of a great relationship.” specifies Nick Barrucci, CEO and publisher of Dynamite Entertainment. “I can’t express how delighted and ecstatic everyone at Dynamite is to be working hand in hand with everyone at ERB, Inc”.

A Princess of Mars Cover

John Carter debuted in 1912 as the lead character in Edgar Rice Burroughs’ first novel, serialized as Under the Moons of Mars in the pulp magazine, The All-Story, and later published as a complete novel retitled A Princess of Mars.  The character ecstatic the imagination of visitors and swiftly imprinted onto the public psyche. As lots of literary and popular culture scholars attest, John Carter served as the theme for a litany of adventure heroes to follow, from Flash Gordon, buck Rogers, and Superman to the Jedi knights of star Wars fame and a lot of recently, Avatar.

Art by Jay Anacleto

In planning for a late 2014 relaunch, Dynamite enjoyment verified that the new comic book series will be titled John Carter: Warlord of Mars.  Dynamite will also republish other John Carter assets, going back as far as the early 1940s comic strips by John Coleman Burroughs, the kid of Edgar Rice Burroughs.

In a associated development, new John Carter: Warlord of Mars “adventure strip” episodes will make their on the internet debut in early summertime as part of the Edgar Rice Burroughs digital Comic strip service at www.edgarriceburroughs.com/comics.  Written by the legendary Roy Thomas, with art by Pegaso (Rodolfo Perez Garcia) of Mexico City, this series will invite visitors to accompany John Carter and his compatriots on exciting adventures that delve into the rich, storied history of Barsoom (as the inhabitants of Mars refer to their planet).  just like the other nine series featured on the site, including Tarzan and Carson of Venus, the first four episodes of John Carter: Warlord of Mars will be viewable at no charge.

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