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Super trick dilemma war #1 Heroes Cover. Art by Derek Charm.

Louise Simonson has written such comics as Power Pack, X-Factor, Superman: The guy of Steel, as well as many others. now she’s turning her interest to a group of animation Network’s heroes as well as villains in super trick dilemma war from IDW. Simonson as well as co-editor of the book, Sarah Gaydos, just recently talked with Westfield’s Roger Ash about the upcoming series.

Westfield: What drawn in you to the super trick dilemma War?

Louise Simonson: I was at San Diego last year as well as we got to speaking about it. It sounded like a truly fun idea. Generally, I’m anti-crossover since I’ve done crossovers as well as I’m type of ill of them in the superhero world since they bring in every single character as well as they go on for much as well long. This is the perfect amount. You’ve got six problems that are the primary story as well as then you’ve got five other stories that tie in peripherally that will be fun if you buy them, however we aren’t holding a gun to your head stating “if you don’t buy these issues, you won’t understand what’s going on.” Well, we are a bit bit. laughter however you’ll be able to comply with the preliminary narrative as if it were a graphic book in as well as of itself without having to buy 500 issues. I believe there are 10 or 11 comics that will show what’s happening in the stories. In the spinoff problems there will be a section that shows exactly how the villains got together to type their league of extraordinary Villains.

Sarah Gaydos: The primary series is six issues. That innovative team is Louise Simonson (writer) as well as Derek appeal (artist). Then, there’s the five “one shots” that loosely tie in to the crossover, as well as likewise function a two page back up in each issue. The two page back up has the exact same innovative team as the primary series, however the rest of each problem has its own innovative team. Johnny Bravo is by Erik Burnham (writer) as well as Erica Henderson (artist); Grim Adventures of Billy as well as Mandy is by Kate Leth (writer) as well as Troy bit (artist); Foster’s house For Imaginary buddies is by Ivan Cohen (writer) as well as Paulina Ganucheau (artist); Cow as well as poultry is by Jim Zub (writer) as well as Jorge Monlongo (artist); as well as Codename: youngsters next Door is by Scott Peterson (writer) as well as Ryan Jampole (artist).

Super trick dilemma war #1 Villains Cover. Art by Derek Charm.

Westfield: who are the villains in the story?

Simonson: Aku is the primary villain in Samurai Jack. He’s a demon. He’s the primary guy; the prime mover; the guy who gets the other guys together. The second most powerful villain is Vilgax, who is a major antagonist in the Ben 10 universe. And, of course, Ben is one of the heroes. There’s Mojo Jojo who is one of the Powerpuff Girls’ villains. He’s wonderful. He’s fantastic to use. He’ll play a major part in it. as well as Mandark, who is kind of a villain in Dexter’s Lab. He’s Dexter’s opposite. He gets sucked into it as well. He’s the apprentice villain.

Westfield: What are the difficulties of getting this diverse group of characters to work together? For example, Dexter is extremely different from Samurai Jack.

Simonson: We’re playing it directly in that we have an experience in which the villains have a plan that they requirement to gather the heroes for. They produce a series of traps which snare our different heroes as well as bring them to a location where they will proceed with their evil schemes. They’ll snatch them from the worlds in which they exist, in the milieu in which they exist, as well as bring them into a location where they all exist in the exact same time as well as space. Ed, Edd as well as Eddy are there since somebody screwed up. laughter So our characters are interacting as themselves with their own characters as well as in their own way, however scrubing up against each other’s personalities, quirks, as well as wierdnesses. They all have their wonderful characters as well as all of them are extremely different. It’s fun to have them interacting. It’s like it’s a lot of your buddies who don’t understand each other, however you understand them all, as well as they got together at a huge celebration (thrown by villains) as well as had to work together. Or not, as the situation may be. That’s exactly how I envisioned it as well as it turned out quite well. At least animation Network stated yes.

Westfield: Ed, Edd, as well as Eddy truly seem like the strange guy out here. What makes them great to include?

Simonson: Ed, Edd, as well as Eddy don’t have powers. The other heroes all do, even Dexter. He has the power of his mind. He’s a boy genius, as he’s inclined to tell people. Ed, Edd, as well as Eddy are just regular people. They represent us. What would occur to typical humans thrown into a circumstance in which the fate of the world resided? What would we do? exactly how would we act? exactly how would we react? I believe that’s what Ed, Edd, as well as Eddy perform in their own amusing, somewhat goofy, way. Ed, Edd, as well as Eddy speak for us. Also, they’re there since I like them. They make me laugh.

Super trick dilemma war #1 Variant Cover. Art by Katie Cook.

Westfield: will any type of of the supporting characters appear like Dee Dee or The Mayor of Townsville?

Simonson: No. We have so many characters that we’re dealing with now, plus a whole batch of robots, that it seemed like we were asking the artist, Derek Charm, who’s doing a wonderful job, to do as well much. It would have been as well confusing. I suppose we might have brought them in if we did one of those typical crossovers that went from two problems of Powerpuff women to three problems of Dexter’s lab to this, that, as well as the other, as well as went on for a year as well as a half. however there was no space to bring them in. I would have liked to have brought in the peripheral characters, though. Dee Dee’s a riot. There’s a great deal of awesome stuff that we might have done, however there just wasn’t room. perhaps this will catch on as well as we’ll be able to do something else one more time.

Gaydos: I’d truly like to be able to spin out some more comics out of this match-up, so we’ll see which characters the visitors truly respond to.

The membership Covers to all six problems of super trick dilemma war join together to type this big image. Art by Troy Little.

Westfield: Is there any type of character that you’re discovering you’re truly enjoying writing?

Simonson: I like the Powerpuff Girls. They are seriously fun. I like Mojo Jojo. I like that whole universe. The Powerpuff women comic is truly well done. I felt seriously challenged to find as close to doing it right as Powerpuff women routine artist/writer Troy bit does.

I like Ed, Edd, as well as Eddy. The others are great. Samurai Jack is a hero — type of a cross between Batman as well as Superman; he’s more like a character that I’m utilized to writing. Ben 10 is great. Visually, he’s wonderful since he can modification into all these aliens. as well as he’s such a wise mouth. He’s fun, too. I don’t understand who I’d choose.

Aku is a riot. Aku will go on as well as state things directly like a master villain for a while as well as then he’ll throw in this quirky response that’ll turn whatever sideways.

The character that I’m having the most issue composing is Dexter, whom I discover to be a riot, however it was harder for me to get a handle on him for some reason. I’m type of getting it now–with the assist of my editors, Sarah Gaydos as well as Carlos Guzman. Anyplace I screw up, they assist me repair it. as well as if all of us screw up, I’m sure I’ll hear about from our readers.

Westfield: Did you do much research study for this?

Simonson: I did as much as I might however not whatever is completely, easily available. My public library doesn’t even bring the animation Network DVDs. Appalling, isn’t it?! For a while I might watch at least the very first season of a great deal of episodes on Netflix, however they weren’t bring all the seasons. So discovering sufficient material to truly comprehend the characters—particularly Dexter– was a bit challenging. however the research study I’ve been able to do I’ve loved. It’s just fun stuff to watch.

Gaydos: My co-editor Carlos Guzman as well as I both grew up on many of these shows, so we’re always happy to jump in if Louise has any type of questions. as well as then our licensors, animation Network, kindly offers as much guidance as well as recommendation as needed.

RoboWorld Satellite design. Art by Derek Charm.

Westfield: Is there anything more you’d like to state about the story?

Simonson: I’ve most likely already stated as much as I should say. The villains get together as well as they trap the heroes as well as bring them to a location where they’re going to utilize the heroes in a plan to dominate their worlds as well as then move on to the universe.

The spinoff one-shots function Cow as well as Chicken, Johnny Bravo, Codename: youngsters next Door, Foster’s house For Imaginary Friends, as well as Grim Adventures of Billy as well as Mandy. The Johnny Bravo problem turned out great. It’s the only one I’ve seen. It spins into the primary narrative as of super trick dilemma war #2.

RoboWorld interior style by artist Derek Charm.

Westfield: What’s it been like working with artist Derek Charm?

Simonson: I cannot tell you sufficient great things about this guy. He is such a great storyteller! I’ve done a great deal of group books. group books are a great deal of fun for the writers however they’re truly difficult on the artists. Derek is a great sufficient storyteller as well as a great sufficient visual organizer that he’s able to truly make it work. I just hope it doesn’t wear him out. There are just so many characters. I’ve seen the color version of the very first 10 pages as well as was absolutely as well as totally blown away. I’ve never satisfied him, I don’t think. I’m amazed at exactly how terrific he is. In addition to all the characters being in character character wise, all the characters are drawn as they are in their cartoons. The Powerpuff women look like the Powerpuff Girls. Ben 10 appears like Ben 10. however everybody looks right juxtaposed against each other. Aku is composed of flat shapes. Others are linear. Derek gets the gestures as well as expressions of everybody just right. He draws emotion in addition to action. He is extremely skilled as well as I am so happy to be working with him. Also, his style sense is truly good. He’s got everything going for him.

Gaydos: working with Derek is just great. I discovered him when I was looking for Powerpuff women cover artists, as well as the high quality of his work was apparent immediately. As Louise said, not only can he deftly handle keeping things on model, he’s able to infuse enjoyment as well as energy into the pages, in addition to his own handle things.

Vilgax Robot designs. Art by Derek Charm.

Westfield: any type of closing comments?

Simonson: buy these comics. laughter I’m having a great deal of fun composing it. In a way, it’s not precisely a crossover. It’s more like a graphic book damaged into chapters. perhaps it will ultimately be reprinted as a graphic novel; I have no concept about that. I’m truly enjoying doing it. It’s not stressful. as well as I don’t feel like people are being tortured into buying things they won’t want to buy. I believe people who get a look at the very first problem as well as provide it a possibility will truly want to checked out the next problem as well as all the spinoffs as well since it’s going to be fun. For people who like the animation Network, as well as I understand there are a batch of people available who do, I hope this is what they want to see.

Gaydos: Yeah, buy this book! We’re truly hoping this series resonates with readers, just as a fun, over the top adventure. We’re so thankful to have Louise working on this as well as bringing her vast expertise, warmth, as well as humor to the series. I’m a extremely lucky editor!


Super trick dilemma war #1

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