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The Life After #1

Joshua Hale Fialkov is the writer of such comics as Elk’s Run, I, Vampire, utmost Comics: Ultimates, as well as utmost FF. He has two new books premiering in July; The Life After from Oni as well as The Devilers from Dynamite. Westfield’s Roger Ash just recently contacted Fialkov to discover more.

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The Life After #1 preview page 1

Westfield: What was the genesis of The Life After?

Joshua Hale Fialkov: I like legendary journey stories. Really, genuinely. as well as the concept of coming up with a world that can support that, that’s a fantasy world, however with totally different trappings is at the heart of this book. setting the book in this ethereal location where the policies are still up for meaning lets us do that. At the end of the day, it’s a story about a person who’s trying to discover his method home, however from a location that you can never leave. It’s an insurmountable journey, that Jude is going to make.

The Life After #1 preview page 2 & 3

Westfield: What can visitors look ahead to in the book?

Fialkov: To me, it’s a surrealist handle an experience story. There’s a dreamlike high quality to the story that truly tickles me, as well as seems to stick with people who checked out it. however within that, there’s absolutely an experience story in there.

The Life After #1 preview page 4

Westfield: who are a few of the primary characters we’ll be meeting?

Fialkov: Jude is our hero, as well as he’s the special one. everybody else in his world shares a single, let’s phone call it, a trait. Each of them have dedicated suicide in their lives. So, part of his journey with this odd world is figuring out exactly how he got there, which seems quite obvious, but, well, isn’t.

His sidekick is one of my preferred ‘personalities’ from the 20th century, who likewise dedicated suicide. He’s the a lot more experienced of the two, or so he believes, as well as he’s got a lot more than a bit of Teddy Roosevelt as well as the Crocodile hunter in him.

As we go, though, we’re going to satisfy a few of the other things you’d expect to discover in the afterlife, but, they’ve all been transformed by the people who are running the place. The middlemen who make sure that there’s buy amidst what would have to be large amounts of chaos. Jude, of course, upends all of that.

The Life After #1 preview page 5

Westfield: The very first problem provides a layered secret as well as left me feeling much like the Jude by the end in that I’m not truly sure what just happened. Was that what you were expecting as well as will we discover out what’s going on as he does?

Fialkov: Absolutely. part of the concept is that I don’t want you, as an audience member, to be ahead of Jude on his journey. As he learns about this strange… world he lives in, you’ll begin to get a photo of not just where he is, however who he is. It’s long type storytelling, where I truly get to stretch out as well as check out the world, which, I think, is rich sufficient to support that.

Westfield: You’re working with the artist Gabo on the book. What can you tell us about your partnership with him as well as his contribution to the book?

Fialkov: I’m so lucky to be working with him. Gabo is sensationally skilled with an creativity that is unmatched. as well as his capability to mash up styles as well as eras is second to none, which you’ll truly get to see as the series goes on. So much of the fun comes from getting pages from Gabo, as well as finding the story from them in methods that I didn’t intend, at least not overtly. partnership is genuinely the very best part of comics.

The Devilers #1

Westfield: Your book The Devilers likewise debuts in July. Is there anything you’d like to tell visitors about that?

Fialkov: I look at Devilers as a bit of a comply with as much as I, Vampire. extremely similar in tone, as well as extremely pulpy. It’s about a group of exorcists from different faiths who have to team up in buy to stop the march of hell onto Earth. Matt Triano, who’s drawing it, is just amazing. He’s going to be huge, very, extremely soon.

The Devilers #1 preview page

Westfield: There seems to be an overlap thematically between The Life After as well as The Devilers, though you check out the style in a different way in the two books. What makes the afterlife such a fertile story element for you?

Fialkov: The two books represent two extremely different parts of my thinking. belief as well as religious beliefs are something that intrigue me to no end, as well as the dogma of religious beliefs is especially striking. There’s a reason the Holy bible is called “The biggest story ever Told.” There’s so much in there to play with as well as explore.

Westfield: are there any type of other jobs you’re working on that you’d like to mention?

The Bunker Vol. 1 TPB

Fialkov: We’ve got The Bunker, likewise from Oni Press, whose fourth problem is out in May, as well as then our very first TPB will hit the stands in July, complied with promptly by problem 5. That book indicates so much to me, that I just can’t reveal it properly. It’s so much of what I like about comics in one book, it’s a true happiness to work on. plus a lot more fun stuff from Marvel, as well as a few seeeecret jobs for a couple other publishers I can’t even mention. It’s going to be a crazy year.


The Life After #1

The Devilers #1

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