Media release — It’s zombie witches vs monster truckers as Zombie Tramp’s road saga comes to a furious conclusion! Also, Vampblade’s along for the ride!!!
Features 3 regular and risqué variants, including a pair of variants by series creator Dan Mendoza (DollFace)!

ZOMBIE tramp #32
Writer(s): Jason Martin, Dan Mendoza
Artist Name(s): Celor
Cover Artist(s): Celor (cover A – regular, B), Dan Mendoza (cover C-D)
Cover B – Risqué (limited to 2500): Celor
Cover C – variant (limited to 2000): Dan Mendoza
Cover D – risqué variant (limited to 2500): Dan Mendoza
Cover E – artist variant (limited to 2000): Winston Young
Cover F – artist risqué variant (limited to 2500): Winston Young
32 pgs./ M / FC
$3.99 (reg.), $4.99 (var.)

What people are saying about Zombie Tramp:

“Don’t hesitate to grab this issue and prepare for another killer arc with these two badass women.” (Geek-O-Rama)

“The writing is raunchy and fearless…” (Comic Crusaders)

“The fact that Janey is able to transition from a story arc involving evil cheerleaders to one involving the most horrific experiences from her past (with a nice setup for a rendezvous with Xula) is a testament to Mendoza’s range as a creator, and it is one of the reasons Zombie tramp continues to be one of my favorite comics around.”
(Unleash the Fanboy)

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