BEAUOLOGY 101: have A extremely MYLAR CHRISTMAS!

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“Yeah, snow…It’s THAT time of year. beloved Ho, HO!”

by beloved Smith

One of the very best Christmas gifts I ever got was a basic one. One year I opened up one of the colorfully, wrapped boxes as well as discovered in it 200 Silver Age Mylar bags as well as 200 backing boards. Now, a lot of people would open this as well as say, “Yeah, thanks.” delighted to have them, however nothing truly special, right?


I kinda believed the exact same thing when I opened them, however besides the Christmas gifts were sprung, food eaten, as well as guests gone, I settled down as well as figured I may also begin shoving my youth collection of Silver Age comics into the bags as well as boards.

I hauled out different long boxes full of my comics from childhood; the comics that genuinely developed my connection with comic books. I had to pick 200 comics to insert into the security of the Mylar as well as cardboard. This wasn’t gonna be as simple as I thought.

The extraordinary Hulk #181

I started going with the comics one by one. At very first I believed I must select them on worth according to the Overstreet cost Guide, so I started looking them up. Well, that made me find that a great deal of these comics had fantastic emotional value to me as well as that trumped the collector’s worth. Granted, I put my extraordinary Hulk #180 as well as #181 in bags as well as boards, however left out my great four #4 as well as put my M.A.R.S Patrol overall war #1 in the bag as well as board instead. The M.A.R.S. Patrol indicated so much a lot more to me. I need to have checked out that comic a hundred times as well as drew scenes from it on my institution notebooks a lot more than I did homework. (Big surprise there, eh?)

Captain America #113

Each book I looked at restored extraordinary memories for me. I likewise ended up re-reading some books that I hadn’t touched in years. I started composing down a listing of problems that I was missing as well as needed to pick up, as well as I even discovered a note from one of my old Jr. High girlfriends in one of the comics! (Captain America #113)

A task that I believed may take an hour ended up taking me well into the early hours of the morning. Plus, it wasn’t a task, it was a reunion with old buddies that genuinely needed visiting. Those 200 bags as well as boards ended up being one of the very best Christmas gifts I’ve ever gotten, so basic as well as yet so fruitful.

That little gift ended up making me look ahead to every “Mylar Mission” after that. Each time I get to reunite with my memories as well as likewise produce new ones with a lot more recent comics. As Christmas day bears down on us (in a extremely great way), I suggest that you believe about providing some bags as well as boards to that comic book visitor that you know. It may just end up being the very best gift they ever had.

“More gifts For MEEEEEEE! Merry Christmas!”

Merry Christmas from all of us right here at The flying Fist Ranch! (And have one of those delighted new Years to boot.)

Your amigo,

Beau Smith

The flying Fist Ranch

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